CSA and the Garden

You may have noticed that the first share was small...those who have been members for several years should remember…this is typical.  However, I think the second share is going to be small as well–  THINGS JUST ARE NOT RIPENING ON SCHEDULE!

So….here is what I want you to remember…we wait on the weather…we maintain the pests…we harvest as soon as we can what we can…Everyone that visited Thursday noticed the rows upon rows of green plants, with blossoming potatoes and melons, and rows upon rows of onions.  I can’t tell you when things will pick up, but I can tell you that when they do we will be harvesting and getting them to you, the members as soon as we can and as abundantly as we can.  Confidently, I say you will be satisfied with your garden goods…wait and be patient along with us!

Fruit this week is the same as last week with the addition of oranges–more Washington apricots!  More of those wonderful strawberries and grapes–increased the order by a flat on each.  I have some avocados--but not the RIPE ones…I hope!  We also will have tubs of spinach again, and three varieties of lettuces from Fresh Express.  (Our lettuce is one of the items in the garden not getting ripe…but when it is there are over 200 heads!)

God Bless you!   The Farmer’s Wife


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