First Share–

Good morning…barely…thanks for all that made the trek to The Farm yesterday to pick up your Share from the garden!  We had around 80 visitors, not including Kris Robertson with Diamond S Delights out of Hyattville–

Diamond S Delights will be here every week with Raw Milk Products:  whole milk, yogurt smoothies, and cheeses.  You can sign up with Kris to get your milk on a weekly basis–I’m drinking the Peach Smoothie right now!

The Store went well, too!  Too much broccolini left, but we think it was hidden among the herbs and didn’t get the showing that it deserved.  Broccolini is also knows as Mini Broccoli, Sprouting Broccoli, Galion X…it has a small head with tender leaves.  (This was planted for our buyer up north but the volume was not enough to supply the demand and so now it is ours!  Not enough for the shares–so a perfect item for The Store!)

**I think the best way to cook broccolini is sliced length-wise and fried in olive oil with salt and pepper.  It has a mild broccoli flavor and a smooth texture, the leaves are crisp and crackly.  It will be for sale each week as long as it is available–$2.75 for 1/2# bag.  

Info on the Shares for this week–LIGHT is usually the first and then it will increase.  Summer Squash is Zucchini, Yellow, and Zephyr which is a yellow with a green tip that is usually a larger size.  Cucumbers are Sultan, a thin-skinned, small seed cavity variety.  (Cucumbers do not keep long–eat them first!)  Kale is Scarlet–good added to cooked dishes, or ribbon cut and marinated in lemon juice to break down the fibers and served with a salad. Bok Choi is the main meal item.

**I think the best way to cook bok choi is chopped with onion.  I made some for dinner last night with bacon.  Delicious!  Bok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage–thick leaved and often used in stir fry.  Nice tecture with a little crunch.  

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