I’m getting some inquiries and so need to clarify–We discontinued the Fruit Share and intend to sell fruit at Pick Up.  I’m ordering tight as I can’t handle a lot of left over fruit just yet–fruit is on a first come, first serve basis.  (All items for sale are first come, first serve–no setting aside or saving or adding to shares or included in deliveries…trying to keep it simple to save our sanity–)

If you are interested in a case of anything LET ME KNOW today–Saturday…my order to Spokane is placed but I can add on yet today.  A case of Apricots is $55.50 for 24#.  I’m not sure on the quality, or the availability…but I know these are Washington apricots and not imported.  email me to for a case.

You can use your Early Bird Vouchers towards fruit and towards a case if pre-ordered.  I will probably limit the sales on Thursday to no more than a pound of apricots so more can enjoy them.

The Farmer’s Wife

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