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Carrots and Green Beans – CSA Share

Leap-Frogs this WEEK!  Share can include carrots, beets, green beans, a type of pepper (Antohi, Islander Bell, or Green Bell), onions (either scallions or fresh sweet), a type of cucumber (Sultan, Tasty Jade, Striped Armenian, Lemon, or European Snack Picklers), and the last share of summer squash (Zucchini and/or Yellows)…MAYBE a melon.   (Melons are getting close!)  Share will not include all these items, but it will include 4-6 of the items mentioned.  

Let me explain why all the shares are not the same.  We have 132 members in the CSA.  In order to manage the quantities in the garden, we have divided the membership into four distribution groups…we are real creative…Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D.  What this means is not everyone has the exact same veggies each week, but within the group the Shares are the same.  Some items are difficult to have for everyone at the same time.  Take carrots and green beans, for example.

Last week we harvested what was ready in two beds of early carrots.  They were dug, washed, sorted, and bags–we had 420.  That was 70 bags of 6 for 70 people.   These went to Group D–Thursday afternoon Pick Up group.  As the remaining carrots become ready, we will dig them and they will go to the other groups.  Everyone will get a bag, but not all at the same time.

Another example:  We started harvesting French Petite Green Beans Thursday morning.  After 2 days of harvest I have 20#.  In another 3 days I hope to have another 20#. And the following three days another 20#…and so forth.  What this means is that some of the groups will get beans this week, and some next week, and the rest the following week.  Everyone will have green beans during the season.

BTW–We have invested 3-1/2 hours in picking those 20#, not to mention weighing and bagging time.  If you are not fond of green beans, and they will most likely spoil in your fridge, do not take them.  We can use them for another Group.   🙂

Looking forward to Week 4!  The Farmer’s Wife


Today is Pick UP–4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at The Farm…no Leap-Frogs this week…see you next week–

SHARES: Colorful bag of Cauliflower, Mokum early Carrots, Scallions (Green Onions), Striped Armenians Cucumbers, and your last allotment of Zucchini. (Substitutions are possible)

EXTRA’s TABLE:  Summer Squash–Zucchini and Yellow, variety of cucumbers, Red Thumb Fingerlings, Fennel fronds, and whatever else is pulled from the cooler as Surplus or Seconds!

THE STORE:  Fresh Express Lettuce tubs (limited quantity), Fresh Express Spinach tubs (not as limited quantities), our own Basil and Baby Fennel Bulbs with Fronds, Snack Cucumbers, Broccolini, and Fruit from Spokane Produce–only one case of Bananas, 4 flats of Strawberries and 2 flats of Blackberries, Oranges for great juice, Lemons, Avocados, Pluots, and our own FROZEN BANANAS (8 per bag)–

DIAMOND S DELIGHTS:  Fresh and Raw Milk Products!


See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

Leap-Frogs and All–this week!

Tomorrow is the second Pick Up–we need and expect the Leap-Frog’s again with other Members.  Last week’s share was light and two in a row will get you caught up with the number of shares we’d like you to have for 2016.  4:30 to 6:00 at THE FARM.

THE STORE:  Greens, Washington apricots, Valencia oranges, Lemons, Avocados, Red Seedlesss grapes, Strawberries, and Basil.

THE SHARE:  Maybe Red Thumb fingerling or Norland red potato, Candy onions (fresh and full of sweet flavor), early Cabbage, Zucchini, and Tasty Jade or Striped Armenian cucumbers.

EXTRA’s TABLE: more cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash, Mini and Asian Eggplant, last of the Bok Choi, other seconds–great nutrition just not as pretty!

DIAMOND S DELIGHTS: Milk, Smoothies, Cheeses, and other raw milk products!

See you tomorrow!  The Farmer’s Wife

CSA and the Garden

You may have noticed that the first share was small...those who have been members for several years should remember…this is typical.  However, I think the second share is going to be small as well–  THINGS JUST ARE NOT RIPENING ON SCHEDULE!

So….here is what I want you to remember…we wait on the weather…we maintain the pests…we harvest as soon as we can what we can…Everyone that visited Thursday noticed the rows upon rows of green plants, with blossoming potatoes and melons, and rows upon rows of onions.  I can’t tell you when things will pick up, but I can tell you that when they do we will be harvesting and getting them to you, the members as soon as we can and as abundantly as we can.  Confidently, I say you will be satisfied with your garden goods…wait and be patient along with us!

Fruit this week is the same as last week with the addition of oranges–more Washington apricots!  More of those wonderful strawberries and grapes–increased the order by a flat on each.  I have some avocados--but not the RIPE ones…I hope!  We also will have tubs of spinach again, and three varieties of lettuces from Fresh Express.  (Our lettuce is one of the items in the garden not getting ripe…but when it is there are over 200 heads!)

God Bless you!   The Farmer’s Wife


Apricots UPDATE

Just got the new price list for this week–Change in the Washington Apricots:

$47.50 for 15# box

Let me know if interested in a case–Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Apricots! Open sale–

The Washington Apricots are in and good! Good for eating, canning, and drying.

I will be pre-ordering cases for pick up on July 21st at The Farm from 4:30 to 6:00. Shoot me an email if interested!

Price:  $55.50 for 24# box.

This is for CSA Members and Non-Members alike–  The Farmer’s Wife


First Share–

Good morning…barely…thanks for all that made the trek to The Farm yesterday to pick up your Share from the garden!  We had around 80 visitors, not including Kris Robertson with Diamond S Delights out of Hyattville–

Diamond S Delights will be here every week with Raw Milk Products:  whole milk, yogurt smoothies, and cheeses.  You can sign up with Kris to get your milk on a weekly basis–I’m drinking the Peach Smoothie right now!

The Store went well, too!  Too much broccolini left, but we think it was hidden among the herbs and didn’t get the showing that it deserved.  Broccolini is also knows as Mini Broccoli, Sprouting Broccoli, Galion X…it has a small head with tender leaves.  (This was planted for our buyer up north but the volume was not enough to supply the demand and so now it is ours!  Not enough for the shares–so a perfect item for The Store!)

**I think the best way to cook broccolini is sliced length-wise and fried in olive oil with salt and pepper.  It has a mild broccoli flavor and a smooth texture, the leaves are crisp and crackly.  It will be for sale each week as long as it is available–$2.75 for 1/2# bag.  

Info on the Shares for this week–LIGHT is usually the first and then it will increase.  Summer Squash is Zucchini, Yellow, and Zephyr which is a yellow with a green tip that is usually a larger size.  Cucumbers are Sultan, a thin-skinned, small seed cavity variety.  (Cucumbers do not keep long–eat them first!)  Kale is Scarlet–good added to cooked dishes, or ribbon cut and marinated in lemon juice to break down the fibers and served with a salad. Bok Choi is the main meal item.

**I think the best way to cook bok choi is chopped with onion.  I made some for dinner last night with bacon.  Delicious!  Bok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage–thick leaved and often used in stir fry.  Nice tecture with a little crunch.  

July 14th- First Share and Pick Up

CSA Members: Tomorrow is the FIRST Pick Up of the season! We expect, and invite, all members to converge upon The Farm at 1049 Washakie Ten, between 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Shares are harvested and ready for you to gather and haul them home–Kale, variety of Summer Squash, Bok Choi (baby or medium sized), and cucumbers.

No potatoes–too small–and no green onions–too small…maybe in a couple of weeks?

FRUIT FOR SALE: Washington apricots, 23 cartons of Strawberries, Bananas, 24 bags Red Seedless Grapes- over 2# bag, Lemons, and RIPE avocados…all ORGANIC from Spokane Produce.

OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE: Eggs–organic and natural, 18 bags of Baby Spinach, 26 heads of Salanova lettuce, 45 bags of Broccolini, and several types of Herbs: Purple and Green Basil, Fresh Dill, English Thyme, Flowering Hyssop, Summer Thyme, and Sage.

KRIS ROBERTSON WITH DIAMOND S DELIGHTS, out of Hyattville, will have her raw milk products for sale, too! Milk and cheeses–

See you there! (Members Only–Bring bags or boxes)
The Farmer’s Wife


Our first CSA Pick up is two days away!!  Thursday, here at The Farm, 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Bring your own bags, some money to buy fruit, Salanova, Spinach, and goodies from Diamond S Delights…All Shares should be paid in full at this time– weather should be good!

Take some time to look over the garden…it is a little slow in producing this year, but it is very green and we’ve been working on weed control so its nicely manicured…in most spots.  Also we have a construction project in process as we expand our shelter and enclose it for the glass refrigeration unit and better space.  Will be nice to have some place to go when it is rainy, windy, and cold…as happens in the fall.  🙂

Diamond S Delights will be joining us with fresh, raw milk products–raw milk is full of enzymes that are killed in the pasteurization process; Some studies have linked a lack of certain enzymes to autoimmune disorders.  I specifically like Kris’s marinated Feta cheese–I use it to top my salads, and the oil makes a great dressing!  She will have her wares for sale!

SEE YOU THURSDAY!!  The Farmer’s Wife



I’m getting some inquiries and so need to clarify–We discontinued the Fruit Share and intend to sell fruit at Pick Up.  I’m ordering tight as I can’t handle a lot of left over fruit just yet–fruit is on a first come, first serve basis.  (All items for sale are first come, first serve–no setting aside or saving or adding to shares or included in deliveries…trying to keep it simple to save our sanity–)

If you are interested in a case of anything LET ME KNOW today–Saturday…my order to Spokane is placed but I can add on yet today.  A case of Apricots is $55.50 for 24#.  I’m not sure on the quality, or the availability…but I know these are Washington apricots and not imported.  email me to for a case.

You can use your Early Bird Vouchers towards fruit and towards a case if pre-ordered.  I will probably limit the sales on Thursday to no more than a pound of apricots so more can enjoy them.

The Farmer’s Wife