Green SALE– Spinach

IMG_0707Checked the inventory at Bee Healthy–Must move if we are to stock more of those great, fresh, organically raised greens next Wednesday!  Greens at Bee Healthy to end June 30th…

3 bags of SPINACH are marked HALF-OFF:  $1.63 for 5 oz.

Still have 7 bags of PEAS–$5/1# bag  (NEXT WEEK WILL BE THE LAST OF THE PEAS-)

4 bags of Salanova (LETTUCE–Ultimate salad mix: Crisp for bulk and Leaf for flavor)

And the RADISHES— red and round…some hot, some not!  Cute bag to preserve the green tops which are a treasure trove of nutrition!

Check it out–Support locally grown foods–fresh off the plant with the highest nutrient count–no pesticides or chemicals used to grow these babies!!

The Farmer’s Wife

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