Restocked Bee Healthy

Fresh Salanova, Spinach, and 13 bags of Snap Peas!  Now stocked at Bee Healthy–  We will be adding Bagged Baby Kale for $1.50 later today.

Salanova this week is mostly full heads of Red Crisp, a couple of the bags of Red and Green Crisp, and one bag Green Butter and Red Butter.

Fresh lettuce should be washed in cold, cold water–let it sit for 3-5 minutes to ‘clear the juices’…this moves the white milk out of the stem and leaves and should remove any bitterness.  We harvest in the morning when the juices are in the roots–BUT all lettuce can be bitter depending on variety, time of harvest, and heat.

Once washed (and cut apart for easier cleaning) then spin dry, and bag.  Store in refrigerator.  Fresh lettuce will keep a week to ten days at the coldest temperatures without freezing.   

We will be restocking on Wednesday’s and supplying greens only for the month of June–   The Farmer’s Wife

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