Update on The Farm

We are winding down with planting the garden…and WINDING UP with weeding and thinning and watering!  At the end of next week the second waive of transplants will be in–celery and celeriac, mid-season cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower…

Planting is going well with one setback–We had to cancel the Sweet Potato order that was placed in March.  Virginia had rains that delayed their production of slips (sweet potato starts).  Sweet Potatoes are a tropical and need 100-120 days to mature.  We missed the window of opportunity to plant so they could mature before the first frost!

Not to be totally sad though…we ordered 96 slips from another producer…they are en route via Fed Ex to be delivered next Tuesday.  Who knows what they will look like when they get here–either a slimy ball or a bundle of stems with hair roots and a couple of baby leaves on top??  But if good and they mature, they are Japanese Murasaki–purple skin and light flesh.  If they make, these will go exclusively to the CSA.  If we get them cured right, they will store into the winter and be available for Buyer’s Group.  

Hope to get receipts and vouchers mailed to all the CSA Members.  I haven’t officially closed the CSA and have been accepting last minute members as I wait for down-payments from a block of prospective members.  I will close the membership on June 10th, so if you know someone that is interested but hasn’t got off the fence, let them know now is the time to make that leap into the world of fresh, locally grown produce!  (Sounds kinda corny, but then sometimes I am–!)  

The Farmer’s Wife


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  1. Posted by Cintya on June 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Could you explain more about CSA members? I just got to know about your site at Bee Healthy because we want to know where to get organic cow’s milk. Thanks!

    • We hope to have some organic milk available for members to purchase direct from Diamond S Delights–Kris will be here with her goodies! The CSA is primarily the veggies we grow, but on Pick Up Day members can purchase Fruit, Lettuce and Spinach, Eggs, whole milk yogurt from Kalispell Kreamery, herbs, and some limited quantities of specialty veggies. Thanks for the inquiry– The Farmer’s Wife

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