Lettuce, Spinach, and Kale

Lettuce, spinach, and KALE–oh my!

Yes–at Bee Healthy, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the month of June starting June 1st.  You can purchase these from Sarah and pay at the cash register!  These are fresh and local, coming out of our Hoophouse–planted in March for the Buyer’s Group…but just couldn’t make it in TIME!

Salanova Lettuce  (#7 according to the CDC)–large head, several choices: Red Butter, Red Oakleaf, Red Crisp–lesser amounts of the Green heads …………$2.50

Spinach (#5 says the CDC)-small tender Arrowhead variety (more baby-like) and a broadleaf variety with large and small roundish leaves–both tender and fresh………$3.25 (5 oz bag)

Kale (#15 in nutritional density according to the CDC report)Red Scarlet and Green Curly…freshly harvested, medium to smaller size, great ribbon-cut for salad, fried with potatoes, steamed in soups, and roasted in the oven………….$1.25 a bundle

Limited amounts–    20  5 oz. bags of Spinach, 20 heads of Salanova, and 15 bundles of Kale…more will be supplied the following week if sold out by Friday!  We’ll restock the cooler every Tuesday for sale on Wednesday–oh my!  Greens are important in our diets, and fresh greens even better–CHECK OUT THE CDC REPORT @ http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com  Nutrition Tab

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  1. Posted by Bonnie Hefenieder on May 30, 2016 at 5:41 am

    All those cloudy days probably slowed things down. Bummer. Think how successful we would all be if we could forecast weather accurately!

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