Calling all Canner’s

Yes…it is that time of year again!–not to can, but to put in your order for green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, corn…for those things you would like to freeze, dehydrate, pickle, or can for this summer.

Check out the Canner’s Share at  Prices will be updated July 1st, but the posted prices provide a pretty good guideline.

You do not have to pay up front for the Canner’s Share–just get your order in so we have your produce ready when the time comes.  Beans are first in July, then the rest of the stuff follows in August, and tapers off in September.  Don’t delay–this is how we ration the garden for the needs of our community!

email with what you want and a contact number–I’ll do the rest!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife 

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