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Update on The Farm–

May 22nd, 2016

Today is almost the first day of the 4th week in May–It is safe to say that some day in May was the last frost of the Spring.  That may have been a couple of weeks ago, but the problem has been rain. Rain is good–but too much rain is not good…it’s all in the timing and what is in the ground when the rain comes.  So far we feel that we have worked with the rhythm of the Spring…seed potatoes, and carrot, beets, and turnip seeds were the only things in the ground when the heavy rains hit, and they benefited and are looking great!… more on the blog under the About Us tab:  Update on the Farm.  Let me hear from you–it is your enthusiasm and encouragement that keeps us going!  I mean..we LOVE what we do–but our energy is doubled when we know others LOVE what we do, too.  🙂

The Farmer’s Wife–Oh, and BTW, today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  40 years ago a Southern California girl with roots in Ten Sleep married The Farmer–a shy and kind Ten Sleep guy with roots in Manderson…What a catch! 😉

(I hope he feels the same way–)