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Administrator’s Special for Buyer’s Group

I hope to have the following for the Admin Special on May 18th–

Ataulfu MangoesSweet and creamy flavor, smooth texture with firm flesh and no fibers, vibrant yellow in color.  Deep golden color–small wrinkles appear when fully ripe–

Red Seedless grapesfirst time Organic this season!

2# bag of Rainbow Carrots

2 English cucumbers

Head of Celerywash and put in ice water for a snack treat!

5# bag Red Potatoes

2 heads of our Very OWN Salanova lettuceGreen Frilly and Red Oakleaf varieties

Other Lloyd Craft Farms items for sale this time:  20 more heads of the Salanova–most likely Red Frilly and Green Oakleaf varieties, limited amount of fresh spinach, 20 bundles of Scarlet Kale, 10 bundles of fresh Parsley, 10 small bags of fresh Oregano, and 10 small bags of English Thyme.

LAST Buyer’s Group– May 18th

Greetings all you FOODIES…seekers of health and good vibes…wonderful nutrition…or those with just plain keen taste buds!  

Last Buyer’s Group…Walk-in’s Welcome…is Wednesday, May 18th at Bee Healthy, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  

I’m placing my order tomorrow morning–new and special items this week will be Altaulfu Mangoes…first time organic this season…Gold Nugget Mandarin Oranges…Blood Oranges…Seedless Red Grapes…Washington Asparagus…Beets, Rainbow Carrots, and Orange Bell Peppers…and more!

From Lloyd Craft Farms–Hoophouse and Herb Bed:  our own sweet Salanova lettuce, fresh Spinach, Scarlet Kale, Parsley, Oregano, and English Thyme.

Hope to see you all there!   Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife