OMG–almost forgot!

We will have our own Salanova lettuce this week at Buyer’s Group!  Salanova is a wonderful head lettuce that is compact and full of flavor and texture.  We have put two varieties in one bag and the price is $2.50–I’m only bringing 10 extra’s.  Head lettuce is one of those items I end up bringing home and we’re still working on the 12 heads left from last time...we can bring more on May 18th–It will need to be harvested and devoured!

Also, a fresh harvest of baby bok choi.  These are so great fresh–they were harvested Saturday morning.  Flavor is sweeter and texture is crisp.  Bok choi is most famous in stir fry, but don’t limit yourself–fry it with onion and butter, steam it, chop it up and use it wherever cabbage is called for.  There is a recipe that Mary Jones gave us for Bok Choi and Mushrooms–google it for ideas!  High in nutrition and even better when fresh!!

One more item from our hoophouse–the last of the Red Radishes!  $.50 each bundle!

The Farmer’s Wife

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