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Greens at Bee Healthy…& Peas, too!

We will be stocking Bee Healthy’s cooler with Salanova Lettuce, tender Spinach, bundles of Scarlet Kale….and a small amount of Snap (SNACK) Peas–Three 1# bags for $5 each.  

Peas were picked this morning from the hoophouse and are delicious!  (All greens are freshly picked and delicious!!  Supply is limited to assure freshness–)

Stop in Wednesday…635 Big Horn Ave, Worland, 10:00 to 5:30–

Enjoy–we will be doing this for the month of June while we get things ready for the CSA– 

The Farmer’s Wife

Lettuce, Spinach, and Kale

Lettuce, spinach, and KALE–oh my!

Yes–at Bee Healthy, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the month of June starting June 1st.  You can purchase these from Sarah and pay at the cash register!  These are fresh and local, coming out of our Hoophouse–planted in March for the Buyer’s Group…but just couldn’t make it in TIME!

Salanova Lettuce  (#7 according to the CDC)–large head, several choices: Red Butter, Red Oakleaf, Red Crisp–lesser amounts of the Green heads …………$2.50

Spinach (#5 says the CDC)-small tender Arrowhead variety (more baby-like) and a broadleaf variety with large and small roundish leaves–both tender and fresh………$3.25 (5 oz bag)

Kale (#15 in nutritional density according to the CDC report)Red Scarlet and Green Curly…freshly harvested, medium to smaller size, great ribbon-cut for salad, fried with potatoes, steamed in soups, and roasted in the oven………….$1.25 a bundle

Limited amounts–    20  5 oz. bags of Spinach, 20 heads of Salanova, and 15 bundles of Kale…more will be supplied the following week if sold out by Friday!  We’ll restock the cooler every Tuesday for sale on Wednesday–oh my!  Greens are important in our diets, and fresh greens even better–CHECK OUT THE CDC REPORT @  Nutrition Tab

The Farmer’s Wife    

Calling all Canner’s

Yes…it is that time of year again!–not to can, but to put in your order for green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, corn…for those things you would like to freeze, dehydrate, pickle, or can for this summer.

Check out the Canner’s Share at  Prices will be updated July 1st, but the posted prices provide a pretty good guideline.

You do not have to pay up front for the Canner’s Share–just get your order in so we have your produce ready when the time comes.  Beans are first in July, then the rest of the stuff follows in August, and tapers off in September.  Don’t delay–this is how we ration the garden for the needs of our community!

email with what you want and a contact number–I’ll do the rest!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife 

Update on The Farm–

May 22nd, 2016

Today is almost the first day of the 4th week in May–It is safe to say that some day in May was the last frost of the Spring.  That may have been a couple of weeks ago, but the problem has been rain. Rain is good–but too much rain is not good…it’s all in the timing and what is in the ground when the rain comes.  So far we feel that we have worked with the rhythm of the Spring…seed potatoes, and carrot, beets, and turnip seeds were the only things in the ground when the heavy rains hit, and they benefited and are looking great!… more on the blog under the About Us tab:  Update on the Farm.  Let me hear from you–it is your enthusiasm and encouragement that keeps us going!  I mean..we LOVE what we do–but our energy is doubled when we know others LOVE what we do, too.  🙂

The Farmer’s Wife–Oh, and BTW, today is our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  40 years ago a Southern California girl with roots in Ten Sleep married The Farmer–a shy and kind Ten Sleep guy with roots in Manderson…What a catch! 😉

(I hope he feels the same way–)




Still have one more box for a good home-Broccoli, 3 English Cucumbers, Celery, 3 Orange Bell Peppers, a leek, 2# bag Rainbow Carrots, small bunch of Oregano, Garlic bulb, 3# Sweet Potatoes, and a beautiful green head of Butter lettuce from our own hoophouse–Cost $30

Text to 431-1219 or email

Almost DONE!

We had a great last day of Buyer’s Group- Walk-in’s Welcome- This wraps up the season and now we can put ALL our energy into the GARDEN–YAY!!!

BUT–I have a little bit of produce that needs to go!  I’ve put together 4 boxes…calling them the LAST CHANCE BOX, cuz it’s the last chance before the garden is up and going and we get to eat the REAL THING!

Box has head of BROCCOLI, CELERY, 3 ORANGE BELL PEPPERS, 3 ENGLISH CUCUMBERS, a LEEK, 2# bag RAINBOW CARROTS, our own OREGANO, GARLIC BULB, and 3# bag Sweet Potatoes:  $30

Text 431-1219 or email —  thanks!

English Cucumbers- Bananas

Buyer’s Group- Walk-in’s WELCOME–

Overstocked on Organic English Cucumbers— $2.00 each

Ordered 3 cases of Organic Bananas!– $.85/#

Dozen Large Fennel Bulbs with fronds–$2.00 each

OUR VERY OWN Scarlet Kale, Salanova Lettuces…Butter head, Crisp, Oakleaf, and Incised…Oregano and Parsley…raised here in Worland–

Hours 10:00 to 5:30 at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave–Worland


Wednesday, Bee Healthy–635 Big Horn Ave, Worland–10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

Going out with a bang!  Helping stock up your kitchen until the gardens are in full swing….extra Bananas, Apples, Broccoli, Celery, Potatoes, Onions

Mangoes and Surfside Organic StrawberriesSpecial treat:  Fennel Bulbs and our very own Scarlet Kale and Butter Lettuce and other varieties…hoping for a few bags of the fresh Spinach from the hoophouse, too!

Produce USDA Organic…except for the Lemons and Dole Golden Pineapples…limited supply of our fresh Oregano and English Thyme

See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

Administrator’s Special for Buyer’s Group

I hope to have the following for the Admin Special on May 18th–

Ataulfu MangoesSweet and creamy flavor, smooth texture with firm flesh and no fibers, vibrant yellow in color.  Deep golden color–small wrinkles appear when fully ripe–

Red Seedless grapesfirst time Organic this season!

2# bag of Rainbow Carrots

2 English cucumbers

Head of Celerywash and put in ice water for a snack treat!

5# bag Red Potatoes

2 heads of our Very OWN Salanova lettuceGreen Frilly and Red Oakleaf varieties

Other Lloyd Craft Farms items for sale this time:  20 more heads of the Salanova–most likely Red Frilly and Green Oakleaf varieties, limited amount of fresh spinach, 20 bundles of Scarlet Kale, 10 bundles of fresh Parsley, 10 small bags of fresh Oregano, and 10 small bags of English Thyme.

LAST Buyer’s Group– May 18th

Greetings all you FOODIES…seekers of health and good vibes…wonderful nutrition…or those with just plain keen taste buds!  

Last Buyer’s Group…Walk-in’s Welcome…is Wednesday, May 18th at Bee Healthy, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.  

I’m placing my order tomorrow morning–new and special items this week will be Altaulfu Mangoes…first time organic this season…Gold Nugget Mandarin Oranges…Blood Oranges…Seedless Red Grapes…Washington Asparagus…Beets, Rainbow Carrots, and Orange Bell Peppers…and more!

From Lloyd Craft Farms–Hoophouse and Herb Bed:  our own sweet Salanova lettuce, fresh Spinach, Scarlet Kale, Parsley, Oregano, and English Thyme.

Hope to see you all there!   Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife