Update on The Farm

We are so excited for this year!  We’ve made some changes that we think are going to improve an already great thing–simpler and more straight forward–more options for more people–less of our time tied up in book-keeping and share preparation–MORE time in the garden and harvesting everything more completely!!

Your FRUIT/LETTUCE VOUCHERS (pay before midnight today–April 15th) will be mailed in JUNE to use at the first Pick Up in JULY.  (Post-mark counts toward the April 15th deadline!)  These vouchers are our way of saying thank you for paying sooner–Your $300 or $160 or $575 pays our input expenses, which we are incurring right now for seed and transplants, plastic mulch, drip-line, fertilizer, and fencing.  We have been able to keep up with the costs so far–and are about 8 shares short of being FULL!

We are expanding and enclosing the shelter for the Pick UP’s that start in July–Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30.  You will be able to get your share, ‘shop’ the Extra’s table, put in your orders for canner’s shares, and purchase good wholesome food from our double glass door cooler:  Lettuce and Spinach, buy from a variety of Fruits, whole milk yogurt, farm fresh eggs, and some of our herbs…including fennel bulbs when they are ready!  Where else can you get these options!  And how cool to have the first $25 and $50 ON US–a thank you for paying before April 15th.  🙂

Plastic mulch goes down next week, potatoes should be arriving and going right into the ground…we are also expecting delivery of the new Gothic Hoophouse we acquired through an NRCS grant.  (Gothic design is supposed to handle wind better and snow, too.)  AND the hoophouse is full of nice, lush greenery for Buyer’s Group and peas and mache for Yellowstone Park through our Montana buyer!  I’ll try to keep you updated on The Farm–This is such an exciting time of year!! 


The Farmer’s Wife–  🙂

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