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Are you READY?!

I’m getting ready for Buyer’s Group next week!  Are you ready?  Cleaned out the fridge–made applesauce from the left over Fuji’s from a month ago, and baked banana bread from the 3 unused bananas from last week.  Moved the last 8 Minneolas into the fridge from the box by the back door.  AND threw out the four tubs of Taylor Farms Spinach and salad mix from the outdoor cooler.  Yes–even I have to throw things out everyone in a while…but it is a blessing to have food that is alive…shorter shelf life, longer on nutrition and vitality!  (We console ourselves by ‘putting it in the compost pile’–)

If you want special items, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  If you want a pound of lemons, let me know.  If you want to purchase more quantities of an item, let me know and I’ll be sure and order more to accomodate your need.  email me to

NOW–Some really exciting news!  We have Red Rover Radishes from the hoophouse–to be honest, I’m not crazy about radishes…don’t like hot…BUT these are an early spring cool weather crop and the flavor is phenomenal!  We will have some extra’s for Walk-in’s.  Remember that radishes have the mildest flavor if eaten sooner and not left in the fridge where they take on that pungent taste we are most familiar with–

Last “Are You Ready?”–Are you ready for a summer of fresh and locally grown vegetables?  Are you ready to support the local producer by being a part of this grand adventure?  If so–take advantage of the Early Bird Fruit/Lettuce Voucher and join before Friday, April 15th.  Payments can be dropped at The Farm, 1049 Washzkie Ten, Worland; or put in the mail today.   We are nearing fullness, and working diligently to get things ready for planting and organizing for a great year!


Call with questions!  Thanks and blessings to all– The Farmer’s Wife