Movie at Lloyd Craft Farms Facebook page

Success!–Well almost success…I’ll take it!  I failed at downloading a movie onto, but succeeded at downloading it and running it at Lloyd Craft Farms Facebook page–Check it out!

It’s a great movie of The Farmer with his latest ‘toy’–some guys like snowmobiles and four-wheelers…my Farmer?  He likes tractors and machines that save his strength and muscles for other work–Lord knows he has plenty to do!

The latest gadget is a wheel that mounts on the side of the Rain-Flo Mulch Lifter we bought three years ago.  **Before the Mulch Lifter all the beds had to be pulled up by hand–which is harder than it sounds.  The ground is rock solid at the end of the season…the mulch is set like concrete atop the raised dirt bed.  Hand lifting the beds would take a week to complete, and as the garden grew the job became more overwhelming.**  The lifter was a muscle and back saver:  Lifted the plastic mulch up out of the ground, but it still took a lot of time to pull the loosened plastic off the beds and pile them up to be disposed of.

NOWthanks to the ingenuity of Mr. Eric Anderson–the wheel mounted on the side of the mulch lifter rolls up the plastic and the drip line(s) as the bed is being lifted, and then the rolled plastic can be slipped off at the end of the bed…or when full!  (It’s a little more complex than just a wheel, but I’m a simple woman when it comes to understanding mechanical things–)

Thank you for labor saving machines that help the poor old Farmer!  The Farmer’s Wife


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