Buyer’s Group Follow-up

Hope everyone enjoyed the produce yesterday!  We did!  I promised my family a good meal at noon today–we’ve been neglectful with the busy schedules…

For lunch today:  Green Beans from Taylor Farms— I French cut them and added almonds and minced garlic– Roasted potatoes using the Blue Potatoes, a Garnet Sweet Potato, and some of our own Mozart red’sTaylor Farms Wellness Blend salad mix— and Brauts, fried and steamed in Chicken broth with the option of Sauerkraut and a BUN!  We are all happy!

Confession:  I am a vegetable snob–quality of the zucchini and summer squash and cucumbers and tomatoes and bagged green beans were not the best.  BUT–they come out of Mexico this time of year.  We try to pull items that are not appetizing, but remember, those things from Mexico need to be eaten sooner.  We try to identify Products of Mexico on our signs, many have stickers.  Mexico vegetables are a long way from home and have been off the plant for a while.  Nutrients degrade quickly–see Nutritional information tab at for more information.  

Next Buyer’s Group (Walk-in’s WELCOME) is April 6th.  If there are items you would like to see, shoot me an email…I’ll see what I can do.  If you are going to buy more than 3 units of something, shoot me an email…I’ll order more to go around!   

Thanks for your support!  The Farmer’s Wife

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