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It’s hard for me to tell how close we are to being FULL–I’ve made reservations to almost full capacity BUT…need the Agreements or Extensions returned.  🙂  To my best calculation we are a couple thousand short of covering the input costs if all reservations come through–That is EXCITING!

Reminder againit is the CSA income that covers the majority of the input costs of the garden.  

Thank you to those who have paid already–your promptness helped to cover the bulk of seed purchases:  seeds for transplants, melons, and replenishing our inventory.  We are now preparing to order the mulch and drip line which will run around $5,000, and the transplants are at the greenhouse being started, couple thousand $ due in May. We picked up the poultry manure while in Colorado and saved money on that!  Other expenses will be accumulating as we get the garden ready and planted–that time of year!  (Also purchased a Farmer’s Almanac–tomorrow is the first day of Spring, but we will have some cold snaps in April and May…)  

We rely on the Spring income to carry us personally through until August when the Wholesale income kicks in and we can pay the remainder of the garden expenses, truck operation, and set aside money for the time of year when there is no sales income–March through August.

These are the challenges of being self-employed, and these are the challenges of agriculture!  The rewards off-set the challenges!  Love bringing you the best in food–committed to the value for your health and good LIVING!

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

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