Diana Lynn Brush

I want to take this time to commemorate Diana Lynn Brush.  Diana passed away March 5th after a short battle with cancer.  Diana was a wonderful person and will be missed sorely by the community, her family, and all that knew her.

I personally have known Diana since B.K. (Before Kids)–I took an Interior Design class through NW Powell and this quiet, pastor’s wife, was the teacher.  What a talent and great teacher!  Through the years our paths continued to cross and then in 2014 we had the pleasure of Diana and Erica, her daughter, being in the CSA and getting veggies once a week to the Brush’s and Brown’s!

Diana loved her family and all that met her–We hold Mike, Erica and her kids, and the other brothers Levi, Seth, and Caleb in our prayers.

The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife

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