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UPDATE ON CSA Membership

Hello Worland, Thermopolis, Basin, and beyond!    

Update on the CSA Membership:  SLOW, but no different than in the past.  If you are a current member please let me know if you are planning on continuing.   We are in the seed ordering stage and it is time to get the garden starts going–would like to know who is in and who is out.

If you are planning on raising your own garden–WE APPLAUD YOU!  Nothing is better than fresh right out of the garden.  BUT–if this is your first year, let us give you some words of wisdom based on our growing experience:  stuff happens…we lost 50% of the onions last year, carrots were slow to germinate and were not available until late fall, heat snap pushed the beans to over-maturity and the broccoli and cauliflower to bitterness…STUFF HAPPENS!

Take out an ‘insurance policy’–consider a Leap-Frog Share for $160 for 7 weeks.
This will supplement your garden and give you an outlet to purchase Farm Fresh eggs, whole milk and yogurt, Lettuce and greens, and Fruit…in addition to the veggies for that week.  You will have access to the Extra’s Table to pick up extra peppers, different varieties of cucumbers than you may be growing, things you didn’t plant, or larger quantities for the guests coming during the week-end!

Plan ahead and help us plan ahead–Let us know your status!

The Farmer’s Wife