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Winter Squash

The winter squash season is coming to an end–the butternuts, and acorns, and buttercup are past their prime.  The Kabocha’s are still good, but we are probably about squashed out, right?

Some notes of encouragement on the Sunshine Kabocha you got Wednesday in your Administrator’s Special….STEAM IT!  Cut into 6-8 slices (like you cut a cantaloupe) and put into a steamer or a crock pot with a small amount of water in the bottom.  The outer skin will peel right off leaving the smooth and flavorful flesh.  You can then butter it and eat it that way, or mash it like potatoes and serve on the side of the plate in a dollop.  If not in the mood, put it into a zip-lock bag and eat it the next day or make a simple Bisque with onion, grated carrot, and cream.  You can usually use Kabocha in recipes that call for Butternut.

No more squash in the Administrator’s Special– I promise!  We still have a couple hundred Spaghetti Squashes in the cooler and some will be available the 24th, but then they head to the compose pile to be cycled into the garden–

Winter Squash is a good source of Beta-carotene and other vitamins that we run short of in the winter.  It is a nutrient dense food that has been under-appreciated!

For your good health–The Farmer’s Wife

Next Buyer’s Group/Walk-ins

Our next Buyer’s Group will be February 24th at Bee Healthy–I will be ordering from Spokane Produce on Friday, February 19th.  If you would like to order a case of cabbage, or lemons in bulk, or other things, shoot me an email ( or text to 431-1219.  I can order bulk items for anyone–just need to know 6 days before the Buyer’s Group.

If there is an item you would like, but you don’t want a case, let me know too.  If I have enough interest I can get what you need or want–often I can find others interested–just need to know– 🙂

Thanks to ALL!  Buyer’s Group has been going well–my goal is to sell what has been brought in and to not over order…so far, so good!   (Anybody want 20 bundles of Cilantro??)  The Farmer’s Wife

CSA Membership Drive UPDATE

Hello Everyone!  What great weather this last week–amazing for mid-February–

Wanted to let you know that the Membership Drive is in full swing…I know, I knowtoo early to think about garden…but with the warm weather we should be thinking GARDEN and that wonderful bounty!  On our end we start planning now— remember it takes 60 days for transplants which are set out in May, and another 60 days for their fruit to be ready for the start of the CSA in July–count that back and it puts us at the first week in March.  2 WEEKS AWAY!  (Be still my heart….)

  • Here’s the progress report:
    100 Shares available for 2016
    5 completed Agreements, and 75 reservations.
    If you are a current member, send me an email or text (431-1219) to reserve your spot.
  • Two Reasons to take advantage right now:
    $50 & $25 Vouchers (we pay it) for Fruit and/or Lettuce (Pay in full before April 15th)
    Take advantage of the Installment Plansfor as little as $40 you can get signed up and make monthly payments towards your ShareCosts are $160 for a Leap-Frog, $300 for 1 Share, and $575 for 2 Shares.  (check out the Installment options at /  2016 Share Prices page under CSA tab.)

Call with any questions!  Looking forward to a great year with fresh, organically raised produce for our healthy community–  The Farmer’s Wife