Fresh Produce- January 27th

Administrator’s Special planned:
3# Mixed Fingerlings – basic recipe for preparation
2 Acorn Squash – may exchange for two other squash varieties
Yellow onion – Extra’s for sale
Avocado – Extra’s for sale
Strawberries – only available in the Adm Special
Asparagus – only available in the Adm Special
Taylor Farms Spring Mix/Spinach 5 oz clamshell – Extra’s for sale

Cherry tomatoes on the vine (backordered from last time) – Extra’s for sale.


New Extra’s for this week:
Heirloom Oranges (assume they are imported because of the time of year)
Red Onions
Yellow Onions
Green Bells (instead of Orange Bells)

Remember to pre-order the bagged lemons (3# & 5#), 10# bags of Carrots (our own, juicy and fresh STILL) and Russet or Mozart Potatoes (Potatoes are our own–not as large as the red Sangre, and not as dirty). email

No apples- price too high with no guarantee of quality–storage apples this time of year.  No Bok Choi this time around.  No potatoes unless ordered ahead.  Better price on the broccoli and the cauliflower–YAY!  (BTW–the broccoli flavor was exceptional and the heads firmed up once back in the refrigerator. Going with a lower price and putting them on ice Wednesday.)  I never know for sure what I will have until the order is delivered–

Better selection earlier in the day–  See you then!

The Farmer’s Wife

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