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The warehouse called back this afternoon and we will have 25 cases of Heirloom Oranges coming Friday after 12:00 p.m. to Bee Healthy at 635 Big Horn Ave !! 

Sweet Success!  $20 for 20#  Good for slicing, juicing, peeling…add them to a salad with cubed avocado and vinegar & oil dressing made with OJ…eat in the morning or right before you go to bed! (Will not keep you up at night with digestive problems!)

If you ordered oranges Wednesday (Jan 27th), please send me an email (or text) to make sure I have you on the list–it was kinda crazy in the morning.  or 431-1219

If you didn’t, but you would like to be included, send me an email to be added to the list.

The excited Farmer’s Wife raised in So Cal–Orange country!!



The Heirloom Oranges are back–Supplies are limited–ONLY ONE CASE WAS AVAILABLE FOR NEXT WEEK–I’m working with Spokane Produce to get 25 cases for February 10th.  Cost is $20 for 20#.

These are not certified organic, but raised conventionally.  Because we do not eat the peels, which provide a protective barrier for the orange, citrus is not on the EWG Dirty Dozen list.  (check out Nutrition tab for more information on the EWG Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists)

What makes Heirloom Oranges in such high demand is that most orchards have moved to newer varieties that produce higher volume and yield longer–and subsequently lose their flavor and get pithy…I say– The Heirlooms are a navel with thinner skin and more juice…sweet now and sweeter as the spring moves in and their is more of that nurturing sunshine!

I’ll keep you posted–I have the orders placed Wednesday and will strive to track down and secure those little nuggets of sunshine!  The Farmer’s Wife




FRESH PRODUCE– Organic, tomorrow!

Produce is in and almost set up for tomorrow at Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland–  10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Walk-ins WELCOME!

Good cross-section of what most people use!  Our own fingerling potatoes, onions, and Winter Squash–

Lots of organic lettuces and pre-packaged mixes including baby spinach…broccoli and cauliflower…limited amount of cucumbers and ginger root…good solid celery…come early for best selection.

Buyer’s Group will have Asparagus and Strawberries!  $30

The Farmer’s Wife

Extra’s – January 27th

BTW–we have all the same items as last time…yams, mushrooms, cilantro, bananas, cucumbers, ginger root and garlic, kale and lettuces, green beans, etc….

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Fresh Produce- January 27th

Administrator’s Special planned:
3# Mixed Fingerlings – basic recipe for preparation
2 Acorn Squash – may exchange for two other squash varieties
Yellow onion – Extra’s for sale
Avocado – Extra’s for sale
Strawberries – only available in the Adm Special
Asparagus – only available in the Adm Special
Taylor Farms Spring Mix/Spinach 5 oz clamshell – Extra’s for sale

Cherry tomatoes on the vine (backordered from last time) – Extra’s for sale.


New Extra’s for this week:
Heirloom Oranges (assume they are imported because of the time of year)
Red Onions
Yellow Onions
Green Bells (instead of Orange Bells)

Remember to pre-order the bagged lemons (3# & 5#), 10# bags of Carrots (our own, juicy and fresh STILL) and Russet or Mozart Potatoes (Potatoes are our own–not as large as the red Sangre, and not as dirty). email

No apples- price too high with no guarantee of quality–storage apples this time of year.  No Bok Choi this time around.  No potatoes unless ordered ahead.  Better price on the broccoli and the cauliflower–YAY!  (BTW–the broccoli flavor was exceptional and the heads firmed up once back in the refrigerator. Going with a lower price and putting them on ice Wednesday.)  I never know for sure what I will have until the order is delivered–

Better selection earlier in the day–  See you then!

The Farmer’s Wife

Organic Produce- Jan 27th Bee Healthy

Good Morning All!  Produce has been ordered and will arrive in Worland Tuesday.  Doors will be open at Bee Healthy (635 Big Horn Ave.), Wednesday 10:00 a.m. for all you happy foodies! (and grumpy ones, too!)

I ordered a case of Lemons–interested?  3# bag or 5# bag, Cost is $5 and $7.75–a savings from the ‘each’ price.

Interested in some Juicing Carrots?–You can eat them, too.  We still have fall dug Sugarsnax and Mokum’s–10# bags, sweet, and firm texture.  $6.50 for knarly ones, and $8 for the straight juicers.  Shoot me an email ( or text to 431-1219, so I can bag them Monday.

Potato Lover?  Still have our own Mozart reds–smaller potato with a nice thin skin, or the Russets. $12 for 20#, and $7 for 10#.  Need to let us know Monday so we can get them out of the root cellar.

We also have Purple & Green Kohlrabi, Watermelon Radishes, and Black Spanish Radishes.  They have stored well but need to go–already making planting plans for the hoophouse!  I’ll have a few bags to purchase on Wednesday.

See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

Updated Web!

While visiting my mom in Grand Junction, Colorado, I was able to be tutored on web page publishing by my baby sister, Jennifer!

Visit and see the new menu format!    The menu has sub-items. I think it will be easier to navigate and follow. Most of the pages have been updated for 2016.

The only section not updated is the Recipes tab–AND I’ll get to that later next week after the Buyer’s Group is done!

PLEASE give me some feedback!

The Farmer’s Wife 🙂

Fresh Produce – JAN. 13

Fresh Produce–Buyer’s Group at Bee Healthy, Wednesday, January 13th:  10:00 to 5:30.  Walk-ins welcome.  

Administrator’s Special for the Buyer’s Group:
Apples, avocados, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, red potatoes, and white onions. ($30 value- discounted from Walk-in pricing)

 Additional Items for sale:  

  • carrots, potatoes, fingerlings, onions, red cabbage, and winter squash from Lloyd Craft Farms…Butternut, buttercup, hooligan sweet pumpkins, spaghetti, acorn, Kabocha, Hubbards.
  • 3# bag of Pink Lady apples, avocados, Cara Cara oranges, bag of Red Pears, grapefruit, lemons, bananas.
  • broccoli and cauliflower, green cabbage, celery, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, red beets.
  • Processed and bagged Vegetable Medley, Green Beans, and Spinach/Kale Clamshell from Taylor Farms.
  • Greens- Kales, bunched spinach, lettuces, baby bok choi.
  • Cellophane wrapped mushrooms:  oyster, crimini, white.
  • Shoshito peppers, Jalapeno, and Red Bell peppers.  Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine.
  •  Herbs including sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro, parsley and garlic and ginger root.

Walk-ins:  Arrive early for best selection and to guarantee you’ll get the items you want!  

See you there–  The Farmer’s Wife

Buyer’s Group Jan 13th

Greetings everyone!!  Buyer’s Group starts Wednesday, January 13th, at Bee Healthy on Big Horn Ave, Worland.   10:00 to 5:30 pm.

I have 24 signed up but can accommodate 6 more. If interested email or text to 431-1219.

$30 twice a month-  USDA Certified Organic, fruits and veggies.  Our own carrots, potatoes, fingerlings, and winter squash!