Another Butternut Recipe

Over Thanksgiving our daughter Michele prepared a wonderful Butternut Squash soup…Now I, too, am sharing it with you! 

(  )- Recipe Page, #15.B. (Cut and Paste, copy to your Word program, and then print)

I would suggest cubing the squash ahead, either the day before or the morning of…then the preparation time of an hour is more predictable.

This recipe differs from the other two in two ways:  not all the soup is blended, and the seasonings are exceptional!  The three recipes give you three ways to prepare your squash:  1) bake in the oven and add blended to the soup; 2) roast in the oven, heavily seasoned, and then add to the soup, blend before serving; and 3) add raw to the soup, and after tender only blend a partial amount of the soup.  

Keep warm and enjoy the benefits of winter squash in your diet!

The Farmer’s Wife 

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  1. Posted by Ed & Rebecca Luhm on December 8, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Hi Terri I can’t get the recipe to open. Can you resend it to me? Thanks, Rebecca

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