Fall Friday Orders–this week!

Today is the day to order those potatoes (including fingerlings), or our onions, carrots, and winter squash…large assortment……………..Pick Up is Friday at Bee Healthy.  (Price list posted 11/29/2015)

We have a new shipment of Yukon’s and Sangre’s RED potatoes (25# bag) from Torrington. Suitable for storage in a cool place–50 degrees.  Not conventionally raised.

(We also have 25# bags of our Russets for $15.00)

Looking for organically raised potatoes?  We have our own Charlotte’s (tender, yellow flesh, smaller potato) and Mozart’s (red, medium sized potato)–5# bags (or any units of 5#)

Fingerlings are a fun choice!--no peeling, can be boiled, fried, roasted, or grilled.  This week we are offering the Fingerling Mix: four varieties including BLUE fingerlings.  3# bags.

Next order period – December 15th- we’ll have the Amarosa (rosy flesh with a red skin, longer fingerling), LaRatte (yellow flesh and skin, smaller size), and Rose Finn Apple (yellowish flesh with a rosy skin-most popular fingerling on the market)…working our way through the root cellar!

Why fresh, local, and organically raised?  

  • Guaranteed this year’s crop
  • Better flavor–fresher and more tender
  • Higher in vitamins and other nutrients than conventionally grown
  • No chemicals applied prior to storage to prevent sprouting or pest damage during storage…in fact: no commercial fertilizers or chemicals applied at any time
  • Supports local economy in the Big Horn Basin.
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