POTATOES– Yukon Golds and Reds

Our potato yields were low this year, and blight effected their storage ability.  We have an abundance of fingerlings and Russets, but small amounts of Reds and Yellows.

HOWEVER, we’ve been contacted about some great Yukon Golds and Reds out of Torrington.  I’ve ordered 360# to be delivered this weekend–  We will bag them in 25# mesh bags for pick up at Bee Healthy on November 20th.  Cost is $12.50 a bag.

Best stored in a cool place at about 50 degrees. The quality of these spuds looked good to me and they should taste good and store well.  They are not certified organic, but have had no pesticides or chemicals applied.  The grower took steps to prevent scab and other soil borne diseases through the use of sulfate and phosphorus–two natural additives. 

If you are interested — Let me know ASAP.  email to craftterri@rtconnect.net or text to 431-1219.

THANKS, The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. terri, I’ll take 25# of yukon gold’s please

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