Today’s Veggies Picked Up at Bee Healthy

To all those that ordered veggies this week and picked them up today at Bee Healthy:  Thanks for remembering and picking them up!  Some quick notes on the produce:

Carrots, potatoes, and any other root crops are not washed this time of year–too difficult with the cold weather and they store better with out the moisture on the surface from washing.  Carrots can be washed and bagged and put in the crisper.  I would not wash the sweet potatoes or potatoes until you are going to cook them.  Especially the sweet potatoes–that thin layer of moisture can cause them to spoil quicker.

Also,  veggies are a living food–they breath.  When they breath too fast, they wilt.  When they are kept in tightly closed plastic bags they suffocate and spoil.  We deliver them in plastic bags and often tie them shut so they don’t spill out and get mixed up–BUT–get them out of the bags as soon as you can, or at least open up the bags.  Potatoes and onions ideally should not be refrigerated….carrots and peppers and radishes and cabbages, yes!  Winter squash and potatoes respire slower at 50 degrees and away from sunlight.  Most houses are 70 degrees, so you can see the veggies are going to not last long.

Enjoy your produce!  We will do this again for November 20th–stay tuned…eat well, live healthy, and we’ll see you later!

The Farmer’s Wife

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