Thursday–Final Pick Up for the Season

We are pretty darned excited!  Pumpkins–both bigger and small for all–TWO EACH.  We spent all day at the pumpkin patch boxing and weighing Kabocha and Hubbard’s, and have 12 tubs of small pumpkins…one for every member (Including the Leap Froggers) AND a ‘regular’ sized pumpkin, too!  That’s two pumpkins for each and every member–

Because of the pumpkins, and the fact that the truck is full to capacity with boxed Winter Squash waiting for room in the cooler on Friday, we will need to Discontinue the In-town Deliveries for this last Share.  The Truck will not be running on Thursday.

Please come–EVERYONE– to The Farm to Pick Up your final SHAREpumpkins…and sweet potatoes…and broccoli...and the very last of the big and meaty Polaris Bell Peppers…and the beautiful Deadon Cabbage with it’s fuscia and green leaves…and your Red Zeppelin onions, and kale.  Fruit Share and Lettuce will be ready, too.

PICK UP Time has been expanded to accommodate the extra traffic:  4:00 to 6:00.   

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

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