October 8th Shares, and a preview of the 15th and 22nd

What should you expect this week?-– looking at Swiss Chard as the green, last of the broccoli if there is any more out there, eggplant before the cold takes it out, onions, last of the tomatoes, your choice of Butternut or Buttercup or Kabocha squash, some varieties of peppers, and celery.

Next week we hope to have some Brussels sprouts to add, a Hot Pepper pack, potatoes, carrots, and some form of winter squashyes, I know…you’ve had a lot of Winter Squash…BUT it is so good for you and a great exploration in fall eating.  Check out the nutritional value of winter squash!

Last week of the seasonKale, Deadon cabbage, red onions, Hubbard squash, beets or another root crop, and sweet potatoesThey are finally growing!  We had to row cover them a couple of weeks ago to increase the heat and humidity.  The Farmer checked and we hope to dig them next week and get them cured for your last share–such a treat if we can get it accomplished!

The Farmer’s Wife

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