Canner’s– Spaghetti Sauce or Salsa

I have five 20# boxes of tomatoes for sale.  Harvested yesterday and ready to can this week-end or into next week.  Great option for easy Spaghetti Sauce–recipe #39 at, Recipe tab.  Fast and easy–great for the middle of the winter! 20# makes 2 batches–

We also have the onions, bell peppers, basil, parsley, thyme, and oregano needed for the recipe.  Ready to go!

More of a Salsa cook?–we have Hot Peppers:  Pueblo chili, Jalapeno, Hot Wax, Anaheim, Krimzon Lee (a Paprika variety), Poblano, and even some Habaneros.  Don’t like yours too hot?–add some Yum Yum snack peppers for color.

email to order, or text 431-1219.  Can be picked up TODAY!


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