Share Division for the September 24th Deliveries

What is with Microsoft anyway??  I was having all kinds of issues with Window 7 Pro and kept getting an email for a “Free” upgrade to Windows 10 with Internet Edge…so, why not?  Not working anyway…what can I lose?  Other than the 4 hours it took to down-load the upgrade…and the inability to use the computer during that time?

Well…a learning curve thrust upon me at a time when I don’t have time to learn new things!  I was going to cut and paste a document into this blog, but they have changed the rules….

SO: I will send an email to each point person at the drop points–so please check your email.  It will tell how to divide your tub between the different members with different share sizes.  Remember:  the label on the tub tells you who has a Fruit Share and who gets lettuce. (Fruit-apple and plums; Lettuce- Romaine)

I’ll learn how to cut and paste another day…like maybe January 14th, 2016!

The Farmer’s Wife

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