No Saturday Market at The Farm

So sorry, but can’t muster the energy to hustle up a Saturday Market.  Last week I was laid up with a bum knee and back pain.  Today we were consumed making deliveries and filling orders and rolling out the row cover for the first frost of the season which will happen within the next ten days.  (The row cover will also help the plants to handle the stress of the expected temperature changes–higher in the day and cooler and cooler each night.)

Stay tuned for more information on the CSA and tomato sales! BTW–cantaloupe done for the season…we picked the last of the watermelons and they are in the cooler for sales for the next couple of weeks.

The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Thank you for the bounty in the cooler yesterday. So diverse in color. Anxious to make the stew again.

    Rest, laser, allow restoration.


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