We still have canning tomatoes–Celebrity/Polbig, Tiren Paste (San Marzana sauce tomato), and Granadero paste tomatoes (great for freezing).  Also have available onions, hot peppers (6 varieties to chose from), bell peppers, or snack peppers for color, to complete your salsa or spaghetti sauce recipe.  Easy and tasty Spaghetti recipe at – Recipe #39. (check out my “Fresh” Salsa in December recipe- #55.)

Cost is $1.00/#order now for Pick Up Thursday between 4:30 and 6:00.  Send email to or text to 431-1219.  Specify 20# or 40#.

We try to box them either mostly orange, mixed orange and red, or all reds.  The reason is you can chose the box that fits your canning plans.  If you are going to can them right away, get them red.  If you are going to can them over a longer period of time, get them mixed.  If you are not planning on canning them until the first week in October, get them orange.  Come early for best choice.

When the frost hits the quality of the tomatoes diminishes.  We have them covered for a light frost, but if it is accompanied by a strong wind the row cover may not hold or keep the cold out! Don’t put off your canning plans for too long!

The Farmer’s Wife 

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