Raspberries and Pears–Must move

Hi Everyone–I have 19 flats of Raspberries that arrived this morning. Cost is $30 for the flat. First come, first serve…When the weather changes, their availability disappears. Not taking orders this year–no time…:( (CSA Fruit Shares this week will be getting 1 Qt of Raspberries with their other fruit.)

I also have three boxes of small Kali Pears from Utah in my cooler–$16 for over 30#. Though in my cooler for several weeks, they are juicy and The Farmer has been eating them up, but not fast enough. Kali’s have firm flesh and are not mealy like the Bartlet’s become as they age. Please take them off my hands before The Farmer decides to make Pear Butter and I have to stop what I’m doing and make Pear Butter–

The Farmer’s Wife

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