Pick Up and Deliveries Thursday–Week 10

We are laboring to bring you the best!  Truck is back from repair–it made the trip to Red Lodge today without any breakdowns!  Daughter is on the mend, and garden is doing us all good!

We will be making deliveries tomorrow morning to the businesses in Worland and the members in Thermopolis.  Pick Up will be at The Farm at 1049 Washakie Ten from 4:30 to 6:00…if you can’t make it, send a friend or family member.  We will not be putting shares aside in the cooler–last week we spent 2 hours setting up shares for the no-show’s (as well as cleaning up and putting things away)…we already have a 12 hour work day on Thursday and are pretty much exhausted.

Fruit Share is back:  Large Haas avocado, red grapes, and 5# bag of organic Valencia oranges…and oh, yeah, the Surfside strawberries!  I have 4 extra bags of oranges For Sale– $4.75.  They look good–will give them the taste test tomorrow morning!

Lettuce option is back, too!  Red Leaf lettuce–large heads, organic.

Veggie Share for Thursday morning deliveries this week includes:  Kale, bag of carrots, Granadero Paste tomatoes, Acorn squash, Sunrise Bell Peppers, jumbo or colossal sized white onion, celery, and a melon.  

Veggie Share for Thursday Pick Up at The Farm includes:  Kale, Broccoli/cauliflower bag, bag of Artisan Cherry tomatoes, Delicata squash, Sunrise Bell Peppers, jumbo or colossal sized white onion, celery, and cantaloupe. 

Veggie Share for Friday Deliveries includes:  Kale, Broccoli and Eggplant, Heirloom tomatoes, Spaghetti Squash, Green/Red bell peppers, same onion, celery, melon.

Extra’s table is back:  tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, Armenian cucumbers, cabbage, and a few other items… Watermelons and Cantaloupes for sale Thursday at Pick Up–for members and the general public!  

See you tomorrow!  The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Ed & Rebecca Luhm on September 16, 2015 at 3:09 am

    Hi Terri, I sent an email from my phone, but not sure if it went through. I need to come at noon on Thursday to get my food if that works ok…let me know if not and we will figure out something else. I need to leave town right after work on Thursday. Thanks, Rebecca

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