SATURDAY MARKET- At The Farm 1049 Washakie Ten


Lots of good produce for salemust go…filling up our cooler–need room for next week’s harvests–We had what some would consider a horrible week:  Liz made a delivery to Casper and ended up having her appendix out, truck broke down the next day with $4,200 worth of produce on board and it cost us $800 to have it towed home.  But it could have been worse, says Pollyanna–Liz is healing and the produce was kept under refrigeration the entire time it was away from the farm.

SO- SATURDAY MARKET at The Farm–8:00 a.m. to noon.

Lots of Melons:  Galia (Honey Dew/Cantaloupe Hybrid, Full Moon Honey Dew, French Charentais, and Athena Cantaloupe–$3 to $5 pricing

WATERMELONS:  Orange Crisp, Amarillo (Yellow seedless), 3 kinds of Mini-watermelons, full size seedless Sweet Slice, and full size Heirloom Crimson Sweet with SEEDS–just like mom and dad grew up with! $3-$5 for Mini’s and $.50/# for others.

We are opening up cases to sell:  Cauliflower, Artisan Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet and White Mild onions (jumbo and colossal sized), Tendersweet and Farao (green) cabbages, Antohi Romanian (European Frying Peppers), Multi-colored Islander peppers, all kinds of hot peppers, Bagged Broccoli, Fingerling and Gold potatoes, all kinds of Winter Squash, Snack Peppers–5# bags…also from the garden: Eggplant and Armenian cucumbers.

A note on the Armenian cucumbers–they are one of the best kept secrets on cucumbers…dense and good flavor…flower shaped when cut for salads…keep longer than most cukes in the fridge…up to 2 ft long– $1.25 each. 

Please come and help us move the produce–Organic, of course no GMO, fresh and good quality….pricing very reasonable!

The Farmer’s Wife

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