Watermelon Surprises

So this Spring The Farmer’s Wife had a great idea on how to plant the watermelons.  Instead of one bed of each variety and having to visit each one to harvest those melons, why not plant all varieties in one bed?  They all mature at about the same time, the pollinators for the seedless would be incorporated within the beds, and we could harvest from start to finish in one bed–should be faster and more efficient! Great in theory…

One problem–how do you tell which ones are orange-meated or yellow-meated without cutting them apart, and how can you be sure the seedless is not seeded when they look so much alike?  Today we had an impromptu course on rind identification–not fool-proof, but maybe a little easier.  The hard one is the Amarillo (yellow-meated) and the Farmer’s Wonderful or Extazy (red-meated). Orange Crisp seems pretty distinct…but there is supple differences even within the variety itself.

We will do our best to get you the watermelon you want–but rest assured, they are all good and they are all priced the same. We are going to sell them as ‘Surprise’ Watermelons–Yellow, Red, or Orange.

If you get a seeded Crimson and you wanted a seedless–we will replace it with what you want–Just let us know!  Maybe send a photo and text to 431-1219…

Also, if your melon is over-ripe return it for a replacement.  We try to stay on top of their ripening, but sometimes we miss one in the field or get it wrong.

Enjoy them while they last–first frost and the melon season comes to an end!  

The Farmer’s Wife

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