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This week’s SHARES

Wow!  Change of the season…this week’s shares will have a Winter Squash:  Spaghetti, Acorn, or Delicata.  Amarosa Fingerlings for ALL!  Alcosa or new Tendersweet cabbage–Tendersweet is so named because the leaves are thin and can’t be used for wraps instead of bread–

Melon this week is Watermelon!–Luck of the draw…either a small mini-watermelon, an Amarillo yellow meated, or the Orange Crisp…not sure what, where, or when until we get them harvested tomorrow!  Anyone want to help haul melons out of the field into the new cooler The Farmer just completed?–show up at 8:00 a.m. 

More Cauliflower, some new Romanesque, and bagged Broccoli…as well as Yum-Yum Snack Peppers, Green Bells, or Sunrise orange/yellow bell.

Tomato this week is Artisan Cherry, Indigo Cherry Drops, Granadero Salad, or Heirlooms!

Remember– We have three Groups…your turn will come on each of these items!

The Farmer’s Wife

Peaches, Pears, and Frozen Tart Cherries

I still have cases of PEACHES and red Kali PEARS–great for canning and just plain eating.  This offer is for ANYONE…not just CSA members! (6 cases left of each–$35 a box)

I still have the frozen CHERRIES–great for cobbler and pies or just eating on ice cream.  Sugared or no-Sugared–30# for $40.

TEXT or CALL  431-1219

The Farmer’s Wife

Canning Goodies

I have canning tomatoes ready–give me a call at 431-1219.  Bring a box–price is $25/20#.

Bell pepper crop has not been great but we can find you peppers are ready…plenty of onions…Everything you need for Spaghetti sauce including the basil and parsley and Everything you need for Salsa.

Anyone want to make Cabbage Burgers to freeze?  Farao green cabbage at $2.50/head….large heads. Great flavor and easy to work with–

Cauliflower to freeze–Broccoli to freeze?  

Cauliflower: 8 large heads for $35...Broccoli: 20# for $25.

Give me a call now–don’t tarry a moment longer…the season is slipping away!   

The Farmer’s Wife