Thanks to those that waited that additional 10 minutes to allow us to finish setting up for Pick Up–it has been a hellacious crazy week!  And even with that– we forgot the Melons For Sale– Thanks Leslie for asking when you arrived!

Thanks to those on the Delivery Routes that waited until noon for your shares–The whole week has been a step behind…

Wanted to take a moment and let you know of some changes– I’m sure you can sense the advance of fall–cooler nights, birds congregating in flocks, overcast skies…oh wait, that’s the smoke from fires…but, you get what I’m saying.

Changes are occurring in the garden–Peppers and tomatoes are coming into production, as well as celery, and some of the other longer day crops.  We will be discontinuing the harvest of zucchini and the other summer squashes, and all cucumbers except the Striped Armenians. These plants are tired and have finished their job for the season and it is time to move to the squashes, melons, onions, and potatoes.  We will harvest zukes and cukes one last time and sell them at Farmer’s Market.

Next week’s share will focus on peppers, potatoes, and acorn squash…I’m trying some of the Spaghetti Squash this week-end!  We are digging the Huckleberry Gold potatoes and the next planting of Fingerlings–I think French Fingerlings or Amarosa. Fresh onion bulbs will continue, and we will begin to pull and dry some of the others.  The Sweet Potatoes are ready to be dug and cured.  Sugarsnax carrots are gaining some size.  Would like to include some fresh herbs: oregano or basil or thyme…if we can find the time to harvest them!

Stay tuned and get your pallet ready for the next culinary experience!

The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Yum!!

    Water in the cooler on the porch. Please bring other bottles so we can switch out next time.


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