Farmer’s Market/ MELONS

The best laid plans often go astray–especially in farming where you have control over so little!  🙂 

In planning the garden we planted the melons so they would gradually ripen and we could sell them over several weeks…BUT, heat has a way of speeding up the maturing process.  Our cooler is now full of 20 tubs of melons, and another 10 tubs are in the shelter waiting for space in the cooler.  (Other cooler is not working and the coolant won’t be here until Monday–)  We can’t take all the melons to Farmer’s Market, but will take as many as we can with a good cross-section of variety:  Honey White Honey Dew, Galia (Honey Dew/Cantaloupe cross), French Cantaloupe, Ariel Cantaloupe, and our new one for this year:  Leopard!

Come and buy–priced to sell!  Melons are good for breakfast, a mid-morning break, and dessert!  I like mine in the evening before I go to bed!  You can freeze them in chunks or balls to add to smoothies with cream–luscious!

Lots of other produce, too!  August 15th, Pioneer Park near the alley, 8:00 am to 11:30 am.

The Farmer’s Wife

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