Farmer’s Market this Saturday

The time has finally come–The MELONS are ready!  They were doing a good job on their own but this heat has pushed them and they are all ready now! instead of over a couple of weeks- We have more than we can handle!

Soooo–good deal for you!   Galia, Cantaloupe, Honey White Honey Dew….and the Leopard–not a cat but a unique honey dew that is white with green striations…and SWEET!

Also have Sweet Green Cabbage on sale–Must go to make room in the cooler for the melons. Other items for market are Purple Viking potatoes, Antohi Peppers, Green Bells for $1.25, Purple bells, Swiss chard and Kale, first of the season carrots, red beets, and 1# bags of green beans…to name a few.  All fresh and all priced to sell–

Come and check it out:  Saturday, Worland Pioneer Park, 8:00-11:30 a.m.  next to the alley–      The Farmer’s Wife

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