We have lost the first planting of corn to deer, and they have grazed the tops off the purple sweet potato plants–The Farmer thinks he has fixed the issue with the electric fence. The pumpkins, Hubbards, and Hidatsa squash all seem to be fine, and the deer don’t eat the tops of potatoes…probably because they are a member of the nightshade family and toxic.  This is in the newly developed acre at MKL’s place.

I took a ride around the farm this morning–we are being invaded by puncture vine!  I HATE that stuff!!  It is hard to control organically and The Farmer has not had time to walk the garden with his sharpened shovel and scrape them up–I wonder if we can find an organic weed control??–most of what we have read about has to be applied when the plants are young…so, too late for that!

Other than rampant puncture vine I saw exploded Alcosa cabbages and Farao that are ripe and ready for harvest…also found the last Gonzales cabbages and one lone Caraflex that evaded the mass harvest this week!  We saw side production of broccoli that needs to be harvested–maybe tomorrow…and zucchini and summer squash that was ready AGAIN!  But the biggest thrill was the melons that will be ready in a week to ten days–and no refrigeration in place just yet for them…Farmer has not made it to Casper yet to pick up the supplies.

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  1. Posted by john50@bresnan.net on August 2, 2015 at 12:12 am

     A shovel and a pitchfork.  I chopped these goat heads from a little less than 1/2 mile along the bike path Thursday…The weed & pest decided to spray that day.  All the vines they sprayed will still produce their goat heads.  You are right, they are/were way too late spaying.  The rest of the bike path, Road 11, Washakie Ave. are all infested.  I am sure the rest of the county is too.  I feel your frustration. John H.

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