Cabbage For Sale- Canners UPDATE

We harvested the last of the Caraflex cabbage–I have a couple tubs of splits…cabbage heads that split before we harvested or right when we picked them…will make wonderful cabbage burgers or sauerkraut or slaw.  Leaves are tender and sweet–  $.50/#

We also have full heads of Farao–our favorite early green cabbage.  Also good for cabbage burgers, slaw, and sauerkraut–a little thicker leaf than the Caraflex, sweeter than the storage cabbages in the fall–
Farao: $.75/# OR 6 heads/$25 (heads average 6#)

The pickling cucumbers are coming to an end and the dill is going to seed.  If you are an avid canner you realize this is early by about a month. This will be our last picking this week…cannot guarantee amount that will be available.

Broccoli for freezing will be available in early August–$25/8 heads, $25/20# side production

Green Beans are coming along, but we had crop failure on two of the three plantings. CSA will get first, and then the canner’s orders in the spring will be filled. If I have extras, I will post information.

Tomatoes are ripening. We picked 37 Polbig’s today–an early tomato by almost 2 weeks! Hope to get these in the Shares this week. Celebrity and Heirloom tomatoes will be ready about second week in August.  $40/40# canning tomatoes and paste, $50/40# Heirloom’s.  Spaghetti Sauce kits available with our own Basil–more information to follow–

Onions and peppers will be available for your salsa and other canning needs–

Email OR text or call 431-1219…we will not be at Farmer’s Market tomorrow, August 1st.

The Farmer’s Wife

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