I took up my offer on the Picklers–worked most of the day on packing jars with crisped cucumbers, covering them with a brine, sealing them, and a Hot Water Bath for 22 minutes.  The FINAL REPORT:  28 quarts of Fresh Packed Dill Pickles to enjoy in 30 days into the winter months.

The Farmer said, “Don’t forget the red chile and garlic–“;

The Daughter said, “Can we eat them tomorrow?”

The Farmer tells me that the Harmonie’s have produced so heavily that he’s not sure we will have them much longer.  These were the neat little cucumbers you had in your first share in the crinkle bags with a twisty tie.  AND the cucumbers that were sold at Farmer’s Market oday in bags for $2.50.  They were also on the Extra’s Table at Pick Up Thursday.

If you want to make pickles this year, now is the time to get them!  15# (a little more than a half of a bushel) will make 14 Quarts.  Cucumbers are $25 and the Dill is FREE.  Get your order in this week–    craftterri@rtconnect.net

You do not have to be a member of the CSA to purchase Vegetables for canning.  

The Farmer’s Wife

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