Update on Pick Ups and Deliveries

Second week down and, God willing, another 14 to go!!! 

Few things to note as we fine tune this process:

Don’t forget your GREENS–I had too many heads of lettuce and bags of Baby Lettuce Mix left over, and no way to know who got theirs or didn’t.  I’ll send an email this weekend to those that paid–just so you know– 🙂  (May move the greens to a different spot to make them more visible–presently on the table with the Fruit Shares.)

Because of the Leap Frog Shares I have some EXTRA’s on Lettuce shares–If you are interested in adding Lettuce/Spinach option for 6 weeks out of the season, let me know.  Cost is $37.50 and I have 4 openings.  You would have the Lettuce/Spinach on the 2nd and 4th week starting in August.  (THIS WEEK I HAVE EXTRA GREENS–Call me if interested…cost is $2 for head of Red Leaf, $4.25 for bag of 5 oz. Baby Lettuce Mix.)

The FRUIT SHARE has been fabulous–NEXT week we will have another type of Montana Cherry and Idaho Blueberries.  I have 2 openings for a 6 week Fruit Share at $120 each.  Same terms as the Lettuce/Spinach option:  2nd and 4th week starting in August.

Hope those on the Delivery Route have enjoyed getting your Shares at work on Thursday morning.  We are working on improving the List of Items for the SHARES.  If you have any questions, call me at 431-1219…or if something is missing or confusing. We need the Wax Boxes and Bags back–put them in a special spot so we can get them each week.

LEAP FROGGERS–Your next Share is July 30th, and then the following week.  This is so we can get back onto the First and Third week rotation to fit the 8 weeks in for the season.  SO-  July 30th and August 6th…then August 20th and every other week thereafter.

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. Posted by Tommerup Machine on July 27, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    I did the $37.50 lettuce and spinach option didn’t I? Cathy

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