Farmer’s Market– Tomorrow OPEN INVITATION TO ALL

Yeah…I know…the melons aren’t ready and we are talking Farmer’s Market…Saturday, July 25th 8:00 to 11:30 a.m.

BUT–we have stuff that needs to move and its like having a garage sale: You don’t sell for what it’s worth but what you think people will pay just so you don’t have to throw it OUT! 

SATURDAY SPECIAL:  15# bag Pickling Cucumbers (2 sizes to chose from)–$15 (Regular Price $25 for 13#)

Free Dill and $2 for 8 Qt Jars (order at Farmer’s Market and retrieve at the farm same day)

FROM OUR GARDEN (fresh picked yesterday and today:

Zucchini and Summer Squash–including round 8 Ball Medley–two colors of zucchini and a yellow squash–$2.50/3# bag

Tasty Jade (long and skinny English type), Sultans (thin-skinned slicer), and Harmonie (good at all sizes)–3 for $1 on the Tasty Jade and Sultans, and $2.50 for a 2.5 bag of Harmonie snack cukes.

Striped Armenian cucumbers–(snake-like and tasty)– $1/each no matter what size!

Lemon Cucumbers— 3/$1

Red Radishes–harvested 7/22/2015 but left over from CSA Pick Up–$.75/bunch


5# bag of the first harvest of Red Thumb Fingerling potatoes–$7.50

3 kinds of Cabbage:  Caraflex (cone shaped), Alcosa (savoyed leaf), and Gonzales (Small Market size)–$.75/#

Fresh Basil–4 oz bag–$4.50

Fruit:  Montana Rainier Cherries–1-1/2 bag for $6.00

Greens:  Baby Lettuce Mix–$3.25, Head of Red Leaf lettuce– $2.00

Eggs:   $3.75/dozen   (Farm Fresh and locally raised–happy free-ranged hens)

Hope you can come out and support Elizabeth and Kali–BUY OUR VEGGIES–they are planning a trip to Colorado for Kali’s birthday!!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

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