Thursday Deliveries and PICK UP at 4:30

It has been an amazing week!  And the garden has been sooooo good to us, and so….Good to you, too–

We completed the deliveries this morning by noon, and now are onto a little rest before we start setting up for the Pick Up at the farm today at 4:30.  I have three items for sale today:  Eggs, Cherries, and Fresh Harvested Genovese Basil

Eggs— $3.25/dozen.  Farm Fresh, Free Range, No chemicals or hormones–

Rainier Cherries— 3# bag…………….$14.25   (6 available)

1# bag……………..$4.75    (9 available)

Basil– 4 oz bags………………..$5.00   (13 available)

If you have not tried FRESH Basil…but have been limited to the DRIED Basil experience…you are missing out! — Flavor is full, aroma is sweet–I’m hooked!  Can never go back to the dried basil experience!!

Sales not limited to members picking up Thursday–Feel free to come at 4:30 to purchase Rainier Cherries or Basil–

The Farmer’s Wife

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