In your agreement it states that missed Shares are forfeited.  Ok…I’m a soft touch–after years of being a working mom, soccer mom, career woman, and Farmer’s Wife, I feel your pain!  BUT—15 missed shares is too much to set up, especially after a 14 hour day, and takes up too much room in an already crowded cooler...

…so you can miss THREE times before you forfeit your share for that week.  (I’m still a soft touch according to the people around me!)

We are not putting missed shares in the crates as in the past–Missed shares will be put in a tub all together and labeled either Mini or Half.  You can come Thursday evening or Friday morning and pick up the share–after that time it is assimilated or donated.  Directions will be on the wall with what is in the share for each size, and you can take it from the tub and transfer it to your own bags. No guarantee that all the items will be there at that stage in the game.   

The cooler door is VERY HARD to open…use two hands and don’t hurt yourself! 

The Farmer’s Wife

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