Zucchini Blossoms– TO EAT!

fried zucchini flowers zucchini flower

Cathy and Duane Groshart returned from an exciting vacation to Italy…and guess what Cathy learned to make? 

FRIED SQUASH BLOSSOMS–  They are simple, here’s directions in Cathy’s own words:

Stuffing was 1/2 C. ricotta , 1/4 C. fresh ground parmesan, a clove of minced garlic, fresh oregano and basil. Mix it altogether.

Pull out the pistil from the middle of the flower (have to be careful not to rip the flower.) I put the stuffing in, and rolled up the top of the flower. I dipped them in beaten egg and rolled them in flour. Then I  fried in olive oil, turning when brown.

Serve warm.

They were pretty easy. We had them for the main course but you could have them as a side and serve fewer per person.

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