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Third Week Share– What was it??

As you noticed the garden kicked it in gear and we had more!  Not all the shares are alike–we have three groups A, B, & C.

Caraflex cabbage,
Purple Viking potatoes,
Hakurei Salad turnips,
zucchini and summer squash,
Tasty Jade cucumbers,

Group A & C: Islander Bell Peppers– purple this time of year
Group B & C: Watermelon Radishes.

Here’s some additional information to get the best use out of your produce:
Caraflex Cabbage is sweet, early, and appropriate for slaws and cabbage burgers. It is cone shaped! (Recipes item #35, #36)
Purple Viking potatoes, purple pink mosaic skin, white interior.  Flavor and texture–EXCELLENT! These are an early potato and were not field cured–so they can bruise and spoil sooner than cured potatoes which keep months. Because the Purple Viking are an early potato, they grow and split, heal over and grow and split.  Some of the BIGS are bizarre looking–but worth the effort to fix them for fried.  These are organic–you can eat the peels.  (Do not store potatoes in enclosed bags–they sweat and spoil–open the bags up…best at 50-55 degrees…outside the fridge.)
Hakurei salad turnips are usually eaten raw…the bigger ones can be cooked. Some people eat the tops braised with bacon fat. Turnips will become stronger tasting the older they get…eat sooner than later to enjoy!
Cucumbers are in the same family as melons. They do not keep long. Tasty Jade will keep longer than Sultans. I think Harmonie keeps the longest of what we grow. (Keep them bagged to prevent refrigeration damage. But they will become a gross, slim-ball in the fridge if forgotten.)
Broccoli will keep quite a while in the fridge. Best flavor earlier. We are waiting for the next ‘batch’ so we can get some good heads! (Freezes easily–blanch, cool, and bag.)

Islander Bell Peppers are light meated in color and texture. They are purple now and then change to an orange and then to a red. Generally smaller than the green or red bells. I prefer them raw. These just started producing–more will be available for Group B–our largest group.

Watermelon Radish–Sweet type of Daikon. Also known as Red Meat. Great in salad and as a snack. Peel and slice. (Will keep in the fridge for a longer time than regular radishes. Considered a storage root.)

Enjoy!   The Farmer’s Wife


I took up my offer on the Picklers–worked most of the day on packing jars with crisped cucumbers, covering them with a brine, sealing them, and a Hot Water Bath for 22 minutes.  The FINAL REPORT:  28 quarts of Fresh Packed Dill Pickles to enjoy in 30 days into the winter months.

The Farmer said, “Don’t forget the red chile and garlic–“;

The Daughter said, “Can we eat them tomorrow?”

The Farmer tells me that the Harmonie’s have produced so heavily that he’s not sure we will have them much longer.  These were the neat little cucumbers you had in your first share in the crinkle bags with a twisty tie.  AND the cucumbers that were sold at Farmer’s Market oday in bags for $2.50.  They were also on the Extra’s Table at Pick Up Thursday.

If you want to make pickles this year, now is the time to get them!  15# (a little more than a half of a bushel) will make 14 Quarts.  Cucumbers are $25 and the Dill is FREE.  Get your order in this week–

You do not have to be a member of the CSA to purchase Vegetables for canning.  

The Farmer’s Wife

Farmer’s Market– Tomorrow OPEN INVITATION TO ALL

Yeah…I know…the melons aren’t ready and we are talking Farmer’s Market…Saturday, July 25th 8:00 to 11:30 a.m.

BUT–we have stuff that needs to move and its like having a garage sale: You don’t sell for what it’s worth but what you think people will pay just so you don’t have to throw it OUT! 

SATURDAY SPECIAL:  15# bag Pickling Cucumbers (2 sizes to chose from)–$15 (Regular Price $25 for 13#)

Free Dill and $2 for 8 Qt Jars (order at Farmer’s Market and retrieve at the farm same day)

FROM OUR GARDEN (fresh picked yesterday and today:

Zucchini and Summer Squash–including round 8 Ball Medley–two colors of zucchini and a yellow squash–$2.50/3# bag

Tasty Jade (long and skinny English type), Sultans (thin-skinned slicer), and Harmonie (good at all sizes)–3 for $1 on the Tasty Jade and Sultans, and $2.50 for a 2.5 bag of Harmonie snack cukes.

Striped Armenian cucumbers–(snake-like and tasty)– $1/each no matter what size!

Lemon Cucumbers— 3/$1

Red Radishes–harvested 7/22/2015 but left over from CSA Pick Up–$.75/bunch


5# bag of the first harvest of Red Thumb Fingerling potatoes–$7.50

3 kinds of Cabbage:  Caraflex (cone shaped), Alcosa (savoyed leaf), and Gonzales (Small Market size)–$.75/#

Fresh Basil–4 oz bag–$4.50

Fruit:  Montana Rainier Cherries–1-1/2 bag for $6.00

Greens:  Baby Lettuce Mix–$3.25, Head of Red Leaf lettuce– $2.00

Eggs:   $3.75/dozen   (Farm Fresh and locally raised–happy free-ranged hens)

Hope you can come out and support Elizabeth and Kali–BUY OUR VEGGIES–they are planning a trip to Colorado for Kali’s birthday!!

Thanks, The Farmer’s Wife

Update on Pick Ups and Deliveries

Second week down and, God willing, another 14 to go!!! 

Few things to note as we fine tune this process:

Don’t forget your GREENS–I had too many heads of lettuce and bags of Baby Lettuce Mix left over, and no way to know who got theirs or didn’t.  I’ll send an email this weekend to those that paid–just so you know– 🙂  (May move the greens to a different spot to make them more visible–presently on the table with the Fruit Shares.)

Because of the Leap Frog Shares I have some EXTRA’s on Lettuce shares–If you are interested in adding Lettuce/Spinach option for 6 weeks out of the season, let me know.  Cost is $37.50 and I have 4 openings.  You would have the Lettuce/Spinach on the 2nd and 4th week starting in August.  (THIS WEEK I HAVE EXTRA GREENS–Call me if interested…cost is $2 for head of Red Leaf, $4.25 for bag of 5 oz. Baby Lettuce Mix.)

The FRUIT SHARE has been fabulous–NEXT week we will have another type of Montana Cherry and Idaho Blueberries.  I have 2 openings for a 6 week Fruit Share at $120 each.  Same terms as the Lettuce/Spinach option:  2nd and 4th week starting in August.

Hope those on the Delivery Route have enjoyed getting your Shares at work on Thursday morning.  We are working on improving the List of Items for the SHARES.  If you have any questions, call me at 431-1219…or if something is missing or confusing. We need the Wax Boxes and Bags back–put them in a special spot so we can get them each week.

LEAP FROGGERS–Your next Share is July 30th, and then the following week.  This is so we can get back onto the First and Third week rotation to fit the 8 weeks in for the season.  SO-  July 30th and August 6th…then August 20th and every other week thereafter.

Thanks!  The Farmer’s Wife

Thursday Deliveries and PICK UP at 4:30

It has been an amazing week!  And the garden has been sooooo good to us, and so….Good to you, too–

We completed the deliveries this morning by noon, and now are onto a little rest before we start setting up for the Pick Up at the farm today at 4:30.  I have three items for sale today:  Eggs, Cherries, and Fresh Harvested Genovese Basil

Eggs— $3.25/dozen.  Farm Fresh, Free Range, No chemicals or hormones–

Rainier Cherries— 3# bag…………….$14.25   (6 available)

1# bag……………..$4.75    (9 available)

Basil– 4 oz bags………………..$5.00   (13 available)

If you have not tried FRESH Basil…but have been limited to the DRIED Basil experience…you are missing out! — Flavor is full, aroma is sweet–I’m hooked!  Can never go back to the dried basil experience!!

Sales not limited to members picking up Thursday–Feel free to come at 4:30 to purchase Rainier Cherries or Basil–

The Farmer’s Wife

Week 2 Veggie SHARE

Today we harvested a lot of stuff and looked at a lot of other stuff–

Here’s what we think we will have for the SHARES this week:

Red Thumb fingerling potatoes–great boiled, broiled, or grilled
Bagged Broccoli
Red Radishes– more later in the season when it is cooler–
Zucchini and Zephyr (Yellow squash with a green tip)
Tasty Jade (English) or Sultan (Persian) cucumber or Lemon (Heirloom) cucumber
Another Striped Armenian– the cucumber that thinks its a snake!

Checking on the Kale to see if enough for everyone!

Lettuce Option this week is Lettuce Mix and a head of OakleafBaby Kale for those that got missed last week.

Looking GOOOD!   The Farmer’s Wife

This Week’s Fruit Share/ FRUIT FOR SALE Thursday

Just ordered the Fruit Share–if everything comes in with no glitches those with a FRUIT SHARE will get:

2# Orchard Green Apples
1-1/2# Fuji Apples
1# Strawberries
2-1/4# Red Grapes
1# Black Plums

ALL ORGANIC– $20 value

WASHINGTON Apricots were sold out!

But, not the Rainier Cherries– Rainiers will be $4.75/#

The Farmer’s Wife

Dill Pickles- Recipe 37.

This is the Dill Pickle recipe that has brought me the most success:

37. Fresh Pack Dill Pickles
(Farm Journal Cookbook)

Simple Dill Pickle recipe is 9 cups water, 6 cups vinegar, 3/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup sugar (I’ve used honey), 2 Tablespoons Whole Pickling Spices–bring to boil. (This is the brine)

Pack quart jars with fresh dill, and clove of garlic and/or dried hot pepper. Cover with hot brine. Seal jars with lids. Hot Water Bath for 20 minutes at our altitude.

-Fresh mature dill heads (head, stem, stalk, and leaves) are the best, but not always available. You can use immature heads but will need to double them. Normally you would use 1 or 2 ‘heads’, with the immature you want to use the multiple heads. Sometimes I add dried dill purchased from the store–kinda expensive, but assures I have the dill flavor.
-I often bundle the Pickling Spices in cheesecloth in the brine so I don’t have them going into the packed jars. Sometimes Pickling Spices are overwhelming and often they get stuck between the jar and the lid and prevent it from sealing. If I bundle the spices in the brine, then I will add 2 t. mustard seeds to the jars with the dill, garlic, and hot chili pepper.

-This recipe is called Fresh Pack because you put 5 gallons water, 3/4 C salt, and Ice over the cucumbers overnight. (I used a cooler.) This makes them crisper. However, I don’t think this is necessary with the European Picklers which do not have the bitter skin, and are much denser.

Pickling Cucumbers AVAILABLE

We have both Pickling Cucumbers AND Dill–Interested?

This week 13# of Picklers for $20 instead of $25 and that includes the Dill

email, or text 431-1219.

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday morning–we need 24 hour advance notice–

Let me know– The Farmer’s Wife


Correction:  the box size is 24# not 50#– The Farmer’s Wife–